Why Grass Fed?
There has been much information lately regarding “Grass Fed Meat”. Certainly the concerns of “Mad Cow Disease” and now the benefits of “Omega 3” have led consumers to investigate meat raised on grass. An article in The New York Times by Marian Burros, "The Greening of the Herd," acknowledges the problem and proposes various solutions.

Seasonal Taste
We have been raising lambs since 1976. In the early '80s, we started using Intensive Rotational Grazing to raise lambs on our farm. In 1985, we moved to a larger farm which we have regenerated with lambs through the use of rotational grazing. In 1988, we began selling to chefs who were interested in grass fed lambs because of the seasonal taste of the meat. In the spring there is always a hint of garlic and onion flavor as they are the first grasses of the season. In late summer there are many wild herbs and clovers that find their way into the meat.

"The Best Lamb in the U.S."
We produce lamb that is considered by many chefs to be the best lamb in the country. Our lambs are all natural, raised free-range on our 210-acre western Pennsylvania hill farm, and are always antibiotic and hormone free. Our lambs are never confined and are fed strictly on our grazing system. The lambs are constantly eating natural forage that has better nutrient value than the most exotic blend of grains, and at the same time, effect complete regeneration of our pastures.

Mild, Clean Taste.
Jamison Lamb is pleasingly different from other lamb in this country. Often times we have thought that it should be called something other than “lamb” so that chefs would immediately realize that we are not selling just any lamb. Our lamb carcasses are smaller and lighter in color because the meat is younger. The cuts are smaller than other lamb cuts and may be more expensive per pound, however the yield is much higher as the lamb has not been fattened in a feed lot. The meat has a mild, clean taste that is tender and full of flavor not found in older feed lot lamb.

USDA Inspected
Jamison Lamb is processed weekly at our own USDA plant under daily inspection. After proper aging, the lamb is cut and packaged according to our customer’s specifications. Owner and chef Sukey Jamison creates stew (Mama Stew was created with the help of Jean Louis Palladin in the kitchen of the Watergate), soup, pie and sausage recipes that she helps prepare on a weekly basis.) Wholesale and retail cuts of lamb, lamb sausages, lamb stews and soup are shipped fresh and frozen weekly from our farm to you via UPS/Airborne. This is truly our farm fresh to chef connection.